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private label instant coffee
why buy instant coffee with private label?

Why Private Label Instant Coffee?

First, we should talk a bit about what you should consider when buying a private label instant coffee.

Types of Beans / Process

Most commercial coffee is made from Arabica (originally Ethiopian) beans because they tend to taste the best overall. But Arabica blended with other types can produce a nice smooth flavor.

The process of turning roasted coffee beans into “flavor crystals” was invented over 100 years ago. The bean is dissolved in water and that brew is concentrated. The coffee is then dried by freeze-drying or spray-drying into a crystalline powder. Add some hot water to rehydrate the granules and you’re in business with a hopefully great tasting drink (and not an unpleasant sludge).


Here’s where coffees can differ the most. A mild roasted coffee such as Taster’s Choice is going to appeal to people who tend not to like the darker roasts of Starbucks. Darker roasts can have a bold, but slightly bitter edge that some love and some hate. If you’re a private label instant coffee drinker, you likely know what you like by now, and the top products almost all are indistinguishable from fresh brewed coffee.

Private Label Instant Coffee Flavor and Aroma

Tastes can vary with some coffees imparting spicy, roasty, or sweet flavors. The aroma of coffee is one of the reasons why we love this drink, and a deep, rich smell is key to enjoying the whole experience.

Powder or Bags

Most instant coffees are powders, but there has been a move to using bags, much like tea bags, for dissolving the coffee in hot water. Using the crystal granules in a stick or pouch makes it a bit easier to alter the strength of the coffee, but otherwise there isn’t much difference.

Again, connoisseurs might be able to taste the difference between instant coffee and fresh brew, but generally it’s a close match. Keep in mind, instant coffee is made from real coffee. It’s not a synthetic product.

And these companies don’t add ingredients, so you’re getting 100% pure coffee that’s been dried into a granule powder.